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Work Head:
  CW01 General Building
  CW02 Civil Engineering
  CR01 Minor Construction Work
  CR02 Corrosion Protection
  CR03 Demolition
  CR04 Fencing & Ironworks
  CR05 Concrete Repairs
  CR06 Interior Decoration & Finishing Works
  CR07 Cable / Pipe Laying & Road Reinstatement
  CR08 Piling Works
  CR09 Repairs & Redecoration
  CR10A Automated Precast Concrete Production
  CR10B Precast Concrete Production
  CR11 Signcraft Installation
  CR12 Ground Support & Stabilisation Works
  CR13 Waterproofing Installation
  CR14 Asphalt Works & Road Marking
  CR15 Site Investigation Works
  CR16 Curtain Walls
  CR17 Windows
  CR18 Doors
  FM01 Facilities Management
  FM02 Housekeeping, Cleansing, Desilting & Conservancy Service
  FM03 Landscaping
  FM04 Pest Control
  ME01 Air-Conditioning, Refrigeration & Ventilation Works
  ME02 Building Automation, Industrial & Process Control Systems
  ME03 Solar PV System Integration
  ME04 Communication & Security Systems
  ME05 Electrical Engineering
  ME06 Fire Prevention & Protection Systems
  ME07 High & Low Tension Overhead Line Installation
  ME08 Internal Telephone Wiring for Telecommunications
  ME09 Lift & Escalator Installation
  ME10 Line Plant Cabling / Wiring for Telecommunications
  ME11 Mechanical Engineering
  ME12 Plumbing & Sanitary Works
  ME13 Traffic Light Systems
  ME15 Integrated Building Services
  RW01 Window Contractors
  RW02 Lift Contractors
  RW03 Escalator Contractors
  SY01A Essential Construction Materials
  SY01B Ready-Mixed Concrete
  SY01C Other Basic Construction Materials
  SY02 Chemicals
  SY04 Electrical Equipment
  SY05 Electrical & Electronic Materials, Products & Components
  SY06 Finishing & Building Products
  SY07 Gases
  SY08 Mechanical Equipment, Plant & Machinery
  SY09 Mechanical Materials Products & Components
  SY10 Metal & Timber Structures
  SY11 Petroleum Products
  SY12 Pipes
  SY14 Sanitary Products
  TR01 Formwork
  TR02 Steel Reinforcement Work
  TR03 Concreting Work
  TR04 Drywall Installation
  TR05 Pre-cast Installation
  TR06 Ceiling Work
  TR07 Tile/Marble/Stone Work
  TR08 Timber, Vinyl and Laminate Flooring Works
  TR09 Plastering/Skimming
  TR10 Ironmongery & Metalwork
Builder Licensing:
  GB1 General Builder Class 1
  GB2 General Builder Class 2
  SB(GS) Specialist Builder (Ground Support and Stabilisation Works)
  SB(PC) Specialist Builder (Pre-cast Concrete Work)
  SB(PT) Specialist Builder (In-situ Post-tensioning Work)
  SB(PW) Specialist Builder (Piling Works)
  SB(SI) Specialist Builder (Site Investigation Work)
  SB(SS) Specialist Builder (Structural SteelWork)
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